COVID Safety Measures

COVID Updates

Racing Safety Guidelines below are in addition to TN Non-Contact Sport Guidelines being followed at events. (link)

Endurance Sports Management wants to assure you that the health, safety and well-being of the community, our athletes, staff, and volunteers is always our highest priority.  All of our events will follow the guidelines put forth by the City, County and State, along with those of USA Triathlon and USA Track & Field.

We are aware that the COVID-19 situation is continuing to evolve. Should guidance or conditions change, we are ready to make necessary changes to abide by the revised guidelines, including rescheduling or postponing the impacted event. 

Please refer to “” for the USA Triathlon Return to Racing Recommendations. All participants will be asked to review the Return to Racing Recommendations for Athletes to ensure their understanding of what will be expected of them in order to participate.

Key Factors:  Please use auto-disinfectant dispensers every time you pass one. Dispensers will be at MAIN TENT, TRANSITION IN, TRANSITION OUT and FINISH LINE. MASKS: Due to the outdoor nature of our events, masks will be OPTIONAL BUT RECOMMENDED except for TRANSITION AREA - MASKS REQUIRED PRE & POST EVENT. Please consider wearing a facial mask covering nose and mouth when not 6-foot distancing. 

SCREENING:   All racers are asked to self-assess their health & monitor temperature. If anyone is experiencing a fever of 100+ or symptoms, they are asked to stay home. All staff & volunteers will have temperature screening and respond to health questions. 

Athletes, volunteers and staff who have experienced symptoms, or live with people who have symptoms, should self-quarantine and not compete in events until the following are true: 1. At least three days (72 hours) have passed since recovery; a. Recovery is defined as resolution of fever without use of fever-reducing medications and improvement in respiratory symptoms, e.g. cough, shortness of breath, etc. & 2. At least ten (10) days have passed since symptoms first appeared.

SANITATION:    Endurance Sports Management will do the following:

•Post ample signage on-site encouraging regular hand washing, sanitizing and social distancing

•Have hand washing and sanitizing stations readily available and ample trash receptacles

- Encourage distancing of at least 6-feet from non-family/household members 

•Regularly clean high touch point areas

•Require athletes, staff, volunteers, officials, and spectators to stay home if they are feeling ill

•Discourage use of other people’s equipment, phones, tools, personal items, etc.

•Discourage physical contact, including but not limited to, high five’s, hugs, and hand-shakes

•Increase the number of portable toilets and spacing between each unit

•Control usage of indoor restroom facilities to maintain social distancing

COURSES: From start to finish, social distancing guidelines will be observed and enforced. Individuals will be discouraged from congregating and participant traffic will be designed to avoid interaction.

PACKET PICK-UP: Race packet pick up will take place using a controlled check in point, one-way flow, and social distancing markers (i.e. cones / poles / other marking 6-foot distance). 

TRANSITION: Transition will be "OPEN" racking with MANDATORY FACE MASKS pre-event and post-event. Athlete "flow" will be One-Way “IN” & “OUT” observed before, during & after event.

START: SWIM: Participants will line up according to social distancing guidelines (i.e. 6-feet apart) and start the race in a time-trial fashion - entering the water one at a time. Note: Please begin line up 15 minutes prior to your event distance start time. RUNS: Groups of up to 25 will start at intervals with social distancing. Time will begin as each runner crosses start line.

BIKE: Athlete cross-overs will be minimized.

RUN: Runners are advised to stay to right side of running path to avoid interaction and crossing paths.

FINISH LINE: Participants will not be allowed to congregate in the finish line area. A minimal number of volunteers will be available to distribute a bottle of water and direct participants to a distance specific chute where they can pick up their finisher item(s).

AID STATION: Stations will be “NO TOUCH”. Participants will be encouraged to bring their own water and other hydration. A volunteer-manned station will be provided at the main venue to fill participant bottles. Course volunteers will be REQUIRED to wear face coverings and gloves at all times. Course volunteer-manned aid stations will be on the run course and will have a separate table for cups with water and Gatorade for athletes. Coolers and volunteers will be at separate table with coolers at least 10 feet away. Please note: At no time should athlete or participant “touch”, nor athlete touch large water containers. 

POST RACE: There will be no post-race party or awards ceremony. Food, either served by volunteers or pre-packaged will be available for pick up with social distances guidelines in place. Race results will be posted in multiple locations with social distancing guidelines in place for viewing. Award winners will be allowed to pick up awards from a table managed by event staff.

TIMING CHIPS: If not disposable chips, athletes will be required to remove their own chip and place in sanitized bin near finish line.

PRE-RACE INSTRUCTIONS: Pre-Race overview will take place virtually a few days prior to each event and LIVE prior to each event. Please obswerve social distancing at all times. Please check our Endurance Sports Management Facebook page for LIVE sessions.

BODY-MARKING (triathlons): Please self-body-marking prior to arrival.

We are monitoring the coronavirus guidelines constantly and should guidance or conditions change relative to our upcoming events, we will communicate updates to our athletes as soon as possible via email, website, social media, and text messaging. 

As with any challenging time, this situation will end! Now is the time for you to care for yourself, your family, and the less fortunate around you while cooperating with your local community to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

Stay healthy and safe during this unprecedented time.

Kevin Mahan

Managing Director / Timer

Along with the entire Endurance Sports Management Team.