Endurance Sports Management is diligently working with local government and health officials to monitor the situation surrounding concerns on COVID-19 and how this may affect our upcoming events. We will make decisions based upon their recommendations. For now, the events will go on as planned. Transfer fees will be waived until 2 days prior to each event should participants feel they would be better served at an event at a later time. Our Facebook page shows  our latest March 20 update - LINK. Next update scheduled Monday, April 13th. 

Here is a link to the USA Triathlon LATEST INFORMATION UPDATES. Please stay informed, care for yourself & those that are in the AT RISK population as we all work through the challenges facing all of us. Base training is something all of us can benefit from & as far as I can tell, there are no restrictions to keep you from getting off the couch and taking steps to keep & improve your fitness level. It will definitly help physically and mentally. 

Please direct questions & comments to Kevin@EnduranceSportsManagement.com  

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