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Congratulations to our 2017 Grand Prix Winners (top 6 race scores):

Marsha Morton - 80 points

Norman Cole - 78 points

Lloyd Jones - 77 points

Carol Tuttle  - 67 points

Don Turner - 50 points

John Conley - 48 points

For detailed scores, click on Final Standings above, go to age group & click DETAILS below name.

2018 Endurance Sports Management Grand Prix 

Earn points in the 2018 Endurance Sports Management Triathlon Grand Prix at all pool sprints and lake sprint, olympic, endurance and half iron distance triathlons. Individuals can accumulate points by placing in each 5 year age groups.

Points are awarded as follows: age division 1st place = 10 points, age division 2nd place = 9, age division 3rd place = 8, age division 4th place = 7, age division 5th place = 6, age division 6th place = 5, age division 7th place - 4, age division 8th place = 3, age division 9th place = 2, age division 10th place = 1 points,  (Clydesdale/Athena 1-10 also)

Event scores will be “weighted” based on distance as follows:       Pool Sprint Triathlons – 1 X’s  (5 available)
                                                                                                         Lake Sprint Triathlons / Duathlons = 1.25 X’s   (9 available)
                                                                                                         Olympic Triathlons = 1.5 X’s   (4 available)
                                                                                                         Endurance Distance Triathlons = 1.75 X’s  (2 available)
                                                                                                         Half Iron Distance Triathlons = 2.5 X’s   (2 available)

Event Dates:      Pool Sprints - 4/14 Double Dip, 6/30 Secret City, 7/21 Sweetwater, 9/1 Redskin Romp, 9/16 North Knox
Lake Sprint Tris / Dus – 4/28 Iron Nugget, 5/6 Hammer Sprint Triathlon/Duathlon, 5/27 Goose Pond, 6/10 Tellico Summer Solstice Sprint, 8/18 Calfkiller, 9/8 Frantic Frog & 10/13 Atomic Triathlon/Duathlon
Olympic Triathlons – 5/6 Hammer, 6/10 Tellico, 8/18 Tri Fall Creek Falls, 10/13 Atomic
Endurance Distance Triathlons – 4/28 Dickson, 8/19 Fall Creek Falls

Half Iron Distance Triathlons – 5/27 Goose Pond, 10-14 Toughman TN 

How It Works: Individuals can accumulate points by placing in any one of the age divisions at ANY of the above listed GRAND PRIX events. The individual male & female with the most points will receive the Endurance Multi-Sport Athlete Awards. Awards 3 deep in both female and male in each 5 year age groups will be presented shortly after the final event of each series. Minimum 6 events for awards.  Awards * All Grand Prix Age Group Winners will receive recognition & special gift.  * Top Male & Female Age Group - One free race entry to a race on the next Series Grand Prix schedule (up to Endurance distance). Scoring * Individuals can accumulate points by placing in each 5 year age group divisions. Points earned 10 deep in each age group. * Points from the best 10 races for individuals will be scored. * If points are earned in more than 10 races then the best 10 scores will be used. 

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