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Partner Events Results
1-3 Pistol Ultra LIVE 100Mi AG Ovr 100K AG Ovr
50K AG Ovr 100K Drop-Down 50K Drop-Down
2/7 February Freeze Live AG Ovr
3/7 Warrior 10 Mi/5K - Live 10 Mi AG Ovr 5K AG Ovr
3/14 Lead Me to the Cross AG Over Live
3/14 Wing'in It 5K AG Over
3/21 Knoxville's Superhero 5K AG Ovr
4/11 Mtn. Man Memorial March
Runs - 10K AG Ovr Half AG Ovr Marathon AG Ovr 
March - Ind 13.1 Teams 13.1 Ind 26.2 Teams 26.2
4/11 Casa - I Run for the Child 5K AG Ovr
4/18 SJV Wildcat 5K -  Age Group Overall
4/19 ADPi-Athlon Age Group Overall Live
4/25 Viva la Margarita Live

4/26 Jackie Long Memorial 5K AG Ovr
5/2 Superhero/Princess Rescue Run AG Ovr Live
5/2 Be a Factor 5
K Ovr
5/16 Turtle Crawl Inter Tri AG Ovr Sprint Tri AG Ovr

5K AG Ovr All Events Live 

5/23 Viva La Margarita 5K Orlando AG Ovr Live
5/29 Running Cancer Out of Town 5K AG Ovr
6/13 Jerry Huskey Memorial 5K AG Live
6/20 Smoky Mtn. Service Dog 5K AG Ovr Live
7/4 Independence Day 5K
AG Ovr Live
7/18 TnT Superhero 5K AG Ovr Live
7/24 Beat the Band 5K AG Ovr Live

8/8 Hotter N Hell 5K AG Ovr Live
8/22 Dublin Kid's Triathlon
AG Ovr Live
8/29 Run 4 the Arts 5K AG Ovr Live
9/5 Kicking Cancer 5K AG Ovr Live 
 9/7 Miners Mile 5K AG Ovr & 10K AG Ovr
9/19 YL Fast Lane 5K AG Ovr Live
9/19 Hoof It for STAR 5K AG Ovr Live  

9/26 Team Faith -One Less 5K AG Ovr Live
9/27 HOPE 4 Haiti 5K AG Ovr
10/10 5K Rescue Run World Orphans AG Ovr Live
10/25 Rocky Top 5K AG Ovr Live

1-5 Pistol Ultra 100Mi AG Ovr 100K AG Ovr 50K AG Ovr
2-15 February
 Freeze 5K: Age Group Overall
3-1 Warrior 10 Mile: AG Ovr 5K AG Ovr
3/8 Tomahawk 5K at Cherokee CC: AG Ovr
3-15 Lead Me to the Cross 5K: AG Ovr Teams
3-15 Wingin' It 5K: AG 
4-5 St. John Vianney Wildcat 5K: AG Ovr
4-5 Ridge Runner 5K: AG Ovr
4-6 ADPi Triathlon: AG Ovr
4-12 Mtn. Man March: March: Teams Individual Run: AG Ovr
5-3 Smoky Mtn. Area Rescue Minitries 5K: AG Ovr
5-3 Be A Factor 5K: AG Ovr
6-7 Jackie Long Memorial 5K - Age Group Overall
6-20 Smoky Mtn Service Dog 5K - Age Group Overall
6-29 Tri the Vineyard at Chateau Elan: AG Ovr
7-4 One Nation Under God Independence Day 5K:
Age Group Overall
7-19 Ladies In Fellowship Together 5K - AG Ovr
9-1 Miners Mile 10K AG Ovr
/ 5K AG Ovr /2 mi Walk 
9-6 Firefighters 5K Age Group Overall
9-13 Dublin Kid's Triathlon Age Groups
9-13 Throwdown in the Smokies 5K AG 1.5 mi
9-20 Hoof It For Star 5K Age Group Overall
9-27 SGMA Hall of Fame 5K Age Group Overall

9-27 One Less 5K for Team Faith Age Group Ovr
10-4 Bring Brady Home 5K Age Group Overall
10-9 Bark at Dark 5K Age Group Overall
 10-11 World Orphans 5K Age Group Overall

10-18 Goblin Greenway 5K Age Group Overall Live
10-25 Halloween Hustle 5K Age Group Overall Live
10-26 Rocky Top 5K Age Group Overall Live Kids

11-8 Crush 4K Age Group Overall
12/6 Knockout 5K Age Group Overall
12-13 Jingle Bell Runs 10K AG Ovr & 5K AG Ovr 


Rocky Top 5K Age Group Overall
Gobblin Greenway 5K Age Group Overall
World Orphan's Run 5K Age Group Overall
Hoof It for Star 5K Loudon 092113 Age Group

GCOPS Run for the Burg Half Marathon 10K 5K
Sprint the Gaps Triathlon Age Group Overall
Fire Fighters 5K 090713 Age Group Overall
King of the Smokies:
International Age Group Overall
Sprint Age Group Overall
Racing to Remember 5K  Age Group Overall
LIFT 5K 072013 Age Group Overall
Run For God 5K 070413 Age Group Overall
Smoky Mtn. Area Rescue Ministry 5K Age Group Overall
Preserving the Mountain in Me 5K Age Group Overall
Mtn Man Memorial March 042013
Runs 26.2, 13.1 & 10K All March Divisions
ADPi Triathlon - 032413  Age Group Overall


Run for God Independence Day 5K 
Age Group Overall

Ladies in Fellowship Together 5k 072112 - Age Group

Smoky Mtn. Service Dog 5K 072812  - Age Group

Racing to Remember 5K 081112 - Age Group

King of the Smokies Triathlons 090112 
International - Age Group Splits Sprint - Age Group Splits
Miners Mile 10K 5K Walk 090312 - 
10K - Age Group  Overall 5K - Age Group Overall Walk

Fire Fighters 5K 090812 - Age Group  Overall 

Hoof It For Star 5K 092212 - Age Group 

World Orphan's 5K - Alcoa - Age Group Overall

Mountain Man Memorial March - 041611
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