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Partner Events Results
1-3 Pistol Ultra LIVE 100Mi AG Ovr 100K AG Ovr
50K AG Ovr 100K Drop-Down 50K Drop-Down
2/7 February Freeze Live AG Ovr
3/7 Warrior 10 Mi/5K - Live 10 Mi AG Ovr 5K AG Ovr
3/14 Lead Me to the Cross AG Over Live
3/14 Wing'in It 5K AG Over
3/21 Knoxville's Superhero 5K AG Ovr
4/11 Mtn. Man Memorial March
Runs - 10K AG Ovr Half AG Ovr Marathon AG Ovr 
March - Ind 13.1 Teams 13.1 Ind 26.2 Teams 26.2
4/11 Casa - I Run for the Child 5K AG Ovr
4/18 SJV Wildcat 5K -  Age Group Overall
4/19 ADPi-Athlon Age Group Overall Live
4/25 Viva la Margarita Live

4/26 Jackie Long Memorial 5K AG Ovr
5/2 Superhero/Princess Rescue Run AG Ovr Live
5/2 Be a Factor 5
K Ovr
5/16 Turtle Crawl Inter Tri AG Ovr Sprint Tri AG Ovr

5K AG Ovr All Events Live 

5/23 Viva La Margarita 5K Orlando AG Ovr Live
5/29 Running Cancer Out of Town 5K AG Ovr
6/13 Jerry Huskey Memorial 5K AG Live
6/20 Smoky Mtn. Service Dog 5K AG Ovr Live
7/4 Independence Day 5K
AG Ovr Live
7/18 TnT Superhero 5K AG Ovr Live
7/24 Beat the Band 5K AG Ovr Live

8/8 Hotter N Hell 5K AG Ovr Live
8/22 Dublin Kid's Triathlon
AG Ovr Live
8/29 Run 4 the Arts 5K AG Ovr Live
9/5 Cancer Kicking 5K
AG Ovr Live 
9/7 Miners Mile 10K, 5K & 2 Mi
AG Ovr Live
9/19 YL Fast Lane 5K
AG Ovr Live
9/19 Hoof It for STAR 5K
AG Ovr Live  
9/26 Team Faith -One Less 5K AG Ovr Live
9/27 HOPE 4 Haiti 5K AG Ovr
10/10 5K Rescue Run World Orphans AG Ovr Live
10/17 5K for Kara AG Ovr Live
10/24 Run for Your Life at MTSU AG Ovr Live
10/25 Rocky Top 5K AG Ovr Live
10/31 Zombie Fest 5K Sevierville AG Ovr Live
12/12 Jingle Bell Knoxville 5K AG Ovr Live
12/19 Jingle Bell 5K Memphis AG Ovr Live

1-5 Pistol Ultra 100Mi AG Ovr 100K AG Ovr 50K AG Ovr
2-15 February
 Freeze 5K: Age Group Overall
3-1 Warrior 10 Mile: AG Ovr 5K AG Ovr
3/8 Tomahawk 5K at Cherokee CC: AG Ovr
3-15 Lead Me to the Cross 5K: AG Ovr Teams
3-15 Wingin' It 5K: AG 
4-5 St. John Vianney Wildcat 5K: AG Ovr
4-6 ADPi Triathlon: AG Ovr
4-12 Mtn. Man March: March: Teams Individual Run: AG Ovr
5-3 Smoky Mtn. Area Rescue Minitries 5K: AG Ovr
5-3 Be A Factor 5K: AG Ovr
6-7 Jackie Long Memorial 5K - Age Group Overall
6-20 Smoky Mtn Service Dog 5K - AG Ovr

7-4 One Nation Under God Independence Day 5K:
Age Group Overall
9-1 Miners Mile 10K AG Ovr
/ 5K AG Ovr /2 mi Walk 
9-13 Dublin Kid's Triathlon Age Groups
9-20 Hoof It For Star 5K Age Group Overall
9-27 One Less 5K for Team Faith Age Group Ovr
10-4 Bring Brady Home 5K Age Group Overall
10-9 Bark at Dark 5K Age Group Overall
 10-11 World Orphans 5K Age Group Overall

10-25 Halloween Hustle 5K Age Group Overall Live
10-26 Rocky Top 5K Age Group Overall Live Kids

11-8 Crush 4K Age Group Overall
12/6 Knockout 5K Age Group Overall
12-13 Jingle Bell Runs 10K AG Ovr & 5K AG Ovr 


Rocky Top 5K Age Group Overall
World Orphan's Run 5K Age Group Overall
Hoof It for Star 5K Loudon 092113 Age Group

Miners Mile -090213 
Run For God 5K 070413 Age Group Overall
Be a Factor 5K 050413 Age
Smoky Mtn. Area Rescue Ministry 5K Age Group Overall
Mtn Man Memorial March 042013
Runs 26.2, 13.1 & 10K All March Divisions
ADPi Triathlon - 032413  Age Group Overall


Run for God Independence Day 5K 
Age Group Overall

Smoky Mtn. Service Dog 5K 072812  - Age Group

Miners Mile 10K 5K Walk 090312 - 
10K - Age Group  Overall 5K - Age Group Overall Walk

Hoof It For Star 5K 092212 - Age Group 

World Orphan's 5K - Alcoa - Age Group Overall

Mountain Man Memorial March - 041611
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